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Folk Festival 2016

Folk Festival


We’ve seen many a folk festival weekend fly-by over the years, and yes we may be biased because the sun was shining, but we think this year’s was definitely up there! Starting just under 40 years ago with just a couple of enthusiasts in a half-empty field, you wouldn’t have thought it would reach the heights it did this weekend with about 30 000 people descending on Warwick over the weekend.

This was the 38th edition of the festival and saw headliners from all over, including; the Unthanks, Show of Hans, and flute player, Michael McGoldrick. The focus was ensuring there was something for everyone, and well we think they have achieved that. Over the weekend we saw lots of faces, from near and afar.  If you weren’t trying your hand (or feet) at one of the dance workshops, attending the Ceilidh or an open air performance, we’re sure you weren’t far from a watering hole, in case that wasn’t ours, here’s what you missed out on.

By now, you might know that we are pretty big pals with Church Farm Brewery, their bar can often be seen set up outside the front of The Rose on events such as this, this time we saw the arrival of their IPA, Harry Heifer’s and Pilsner alongside our selection inside. Thursday night kicked off with the outside bar being set up and the beers began to pour. Friday however is where the fun really started, as Folk fans descended upon the pub for the opening party and music. By Saturday, the festivities were well on their way and we were paid a visit by our first group of Morris dancers. A couple of hours later, a second female group arrived and danced us into the evening. Finally as the lights went down, the blade dancers performed a very impressive performance that we wouldn’t dare try!

We rose again on Sunday with a few soreheads, but without dampened spirits. The performers were back at it, instead taking over the square as they danced in all their glory and extravagant costumes. Before we knew it, the festival had drawn to a close and there was only the faint jingling of Morris dancers boots as we packed away ready for next year.  It’s weekends like this that make us so proud to be part of the Warwick community and we are now even more excited about the Fringe Festival at the end of August, we’ll see you there!

Written by felicitynewsome

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