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Cheers to Purity!

Every so often, The Rose & Crown team are allowed to break out from the shadow of Warwick Castle and have a little explore to see what’s going on around them in the rest of the shire.

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to be invited for a little jolly up the road to visit the chaps at Purity Brewing Company – one of our lovely ‘good stuff’ suppliers.

Since opening in a cluster of farm buildings near Alcester eleven years ago, Purity have gone from strength to strength – and for many Midlands readers I’m sure they need no introduction. Their beers are multi-award winning, and the high demand and availability of the likes of Mad Goose, Pure Gold and Pure UBU around the area speaks for itself.

What we like most about Purity is their dedication to working sustainably, and living up to their ‘Pure’ values. Standing by the reed beds on the outskirts of the brewery, our guide Alex explained that all the waste water from the brewery runs through the wetland area, beinfile-1g purified on its route back to the neighbouring River Avon.

As we followed the brewing process, we saw the spent malt being driven off to feed the Longhorn cattle, and enjoyed a stroll through the lovely countryside around the brewery.

Alex did a sterling job of explaining the brewery process to us, and gave us plenty of backstory to all of their lovely beers – including Pure UBU or the ‘Useless Bloody Urchin’, of a retired sheepdog that always seemed to get under the feet of team as they were trying to brew.

We all enjoyed visiting Purity, and are very happy to be selling their fantastic beers in our Pub. We certainly recommend giving the Purity guys a visit, and if you fancy trying one  of their passionately made local brews then feel free to stop by The Rose & Crown.

We’ve usually got at least 3 of their beers on – from the hopped up Longhorn IPA, to the 40 day fermented Lawless Lager to their fantastic cask conditioned real ales – Pure Gold and Mad Goose.


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